Krishna and Rukmini's wedding

The romance and love of Krishna and Radha are legendary. Yet, the story behind Krishna's wedding to his first wife Rukmini, as narrated in the Hindu scripture of Bhagavata, is equally interesting. A festival banner from the year 1800 shows the sequence of events that transpired during the wedding.

Krishna in Indian Artistic Forms

Krishna's valour and his charm as youth are depicted in a multitude of artistic forms in India - from paintings, sculptures, and music, to dance. Stories of Krishna, especially of his childhood, have enthralled artists and commoners for centuries. Puranic scriptures dedicated to Vishnu, namely Bhagavatha Purana and Vishnu Purana, narrate the stories of Krishna at length since he is considered the eighth incarnation of God Vishnu.

Ramayana in Painting Tradition

Ramayana is one of the great epics of India. An earthen vase from 1800s showcased in this exhibit pictorially represents an important incident from Ramayana. The accompanying essay in this special collection deciphers and textually narrates the incident.


Mahishasura slayer Durga in Indian art

Goddess Durga is one of the most popular deities in India. Thus, she is also the subject of various art forms, from sculptures to paintings to temple art. In this exhibit, know the story behind this much-revered Goddess through art.

Andy Warhol Photography Archive

Andy Warhol was an American artist and also a well-known photographer and a dominant personality in the visual art movement, known as Pop Art. Beginning his career as a commercial illustrator, in his later life he earned recognition as an influential and controversial artist. Drawing on a trove of over 3,600 contact sheets featuring 130,000 photographic exposures acquired in 2014 from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc., the images document Warhol's daily life. This collection of Warhol’s contact sheets – printed thumbnails from a roll of film – represents the complete range of the American artist’s black-and-white photographic practice from 1976 until his unexpected death in 1987.

Herbert Matter Archive: Modernist Photography and Graphic Design

Herbert Matter was a Swiss-born American photographer and graphic designer known for his innovative work on photomontage in commercial art. His works included retouching and manipulating negative and the common subjects in his works included landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. The Herbert Matter archive spans the years 1937-1984, when Matter was active as a graphic designer and photographer in the United States, until his death at the age of seventy-seven. The archive is large and includes original art work and production files; manuscript materials; film, video and audio media; photographs; books and printed matter; correspondence; and negatives and transparencies of his commercial and non-commercial photographic work.