Andy Warhol Photography Archive

Andy Warhol was an American artist and also a well-known photographer and a dominant personality in the visual art movement, known as Pop Art. Beginning his career as a commercial illustrator, in his later life he earned recognition as an influential and controversial artist. Drawing on a trove of over 3,600 contact sheets featuring 130,000 photographic exposures acquired in 2014 from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc., the images document Warhol's daily life. This collection of Warhol’s contact sheets – printed thumbnails from a roll of film – represents the complete range of the American artist’s black-and-white photographic practice from 1976 until his unexpected death in 1987.

[Claudia Cohen party at the Palladium, Keith Haring and Jon Gould on street, Benjamin Liu, Claudia Cohen; Central Park; Andre Leon Talley and Stephen Sprouse at 22 East 33rd Street]
[Opening of Fred and Ginger at the Museum of Modern Art with Lester Persky, Benjamin Liu in drag as Ming Vause, Martin Burgoyne, Isabella Rossellini, Federico Fellini; Michael Musto, Juan Dubose, Keith Haring sculpture, Andy Warhol]
[Fred Newman and Jon Gould at dinner, with Fiorucci bags; Dinner party with Beverly Johnson, Larissa, Tina Chow; Jean-Michel Basquiat; Fran Lebowitz]
[Dinner at Mr. Chow with Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jon Gould, Michael Chow, Tina Chow, Page Powell, Francesco Clemente, Brion Gysin]