Rukmini's proposal to Krishna


Rukmini was the daughter of King Bhishmaka, who ruled Vidarbha. Having heard many accounts of the heroics of Krishna, Rukmini falls in love with him and decides that only Krishna can be her husband. She conveys the same to her father. However, Rukmi, the brother of Rukmini, is against the alliance. Rukmi's opposition to Krishna and Rukmini's wedding is because of his friendship with Shishupala, who is the sworn enemy of Krishna.

Rukmi convinces his father that Shishupala is a better groom for Rukmini than Krishna. King Bhishmaka obliges his son and proceeds to get Rukmini wedded to Shishupala.

Image notes: See the bottom half of the image from right to left. We can deduce that it is Rukma talking to his father.


Rukmini is devastated. She wants to marry no one other than Krishna. Taking the matter into her own hands, Rukmini sends a message to Krishna through a Brahmin she trusts.

Image notes: See the bottom half of the image from right to left. Here Rukmini is giving a lengthy message to the Brahmin.


Krishna welcomes the Brahmin who comes to visit him. Once the Brahmin has eaten and rested, Krishna enquires about the reason behind his visit. Then the Brahmin proceeds to narrate Rukmini's message to Krishna. "Princess Rukmini wishes to marry you after hearing about your heroics from the many visitors to the palace. However, her father and her brother are marrying her off to Shishupala against her wish. Princess Rukmini requests you to rescue her from this unwanted wedding. She proposes that you whisk her away on the day of the wedding when she visits the temple of Goddess Ambika in the city outskirts."

Image notes: See the image at the bottom from right to left. Here Krishna, represented by his dark complexion, is listening to the messenger.


Krishna readily consents to the proposal from Rukmini and asks his charioteer to get the horses ready. He requests the Brahmin to convey to Rukmini that he would be coming to the temple to take her away as per her plan.

Rukmini, bedecked in bridal attire and jewellery, awaits Krishna's arrival at the temple of Goddess Ambika. As promised, Krishna arrives at the temple and helps Rukmini get into the chariot with him.

Rukmi, Rukmini's brother, learns that Krishna is kidnapping his sister. Overcome with rage, Rukmi gathers a large army and confronts Krishna in a battle.

Image notes: See the image at the bottom from right to left. Rukmini gets into the chariot with Krishna. Behind Rukmini is the temple of Goddess Ambika. The next panel shows Rukmi battling Krishna.