Krishna weds Rukmini

Meanwhile, with his army of horses, elephants, and soldiers, Krishna's brother Balarama faces off Shishupala and his powerful allies such as Jarasandha, Salva, and Dantavakra. In a fierce battle that ensues, Balarama's army defeats Shishupala's. Humiliated by this defeat, Shishupala returns to his Kingdom, giving up his hopes of marrying Rukmini.


Krishna takes Rukmini to Dwaraka and marries her according to rituals, with many illustrious royal families such as the Kuru, SriƱjaya, Kaikeya, Vidarbha, Yadu and Kunti in attendance. The wedding is described in Bhagavata as below.

"To that occasion there was a great rejoicing among the citizens in each and every home of the Yadu city, oh King, where no one else but Krishna, the leader of the Yadus, was the great love. (55) The men and women, filled with joy, with shining jewels and earrings, respectfully presented wedding gifts to the celebrated couple that was exquisitely dressed. (56) The city of the Vrishnis appeared beautifully with the festive columns that were erected, the variety of flower garlands, the banners, the gems, the arches and at every doorway an arrangement of auspicious items like pots full of water, aguru incense and lamps. (57) It's streets were sprinkled and the entrances were beautified with plantain and betel nut stems that were placed by elephants."

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