Krishna and Prince Rukmi at war

Rukmi vows that he will not return to his palace unless he kills Krishna and brings back his sister to Vidarbha. This is how the battle between Krishna and Rukmi is described in the scripture Bhagavata.

"Krishna smiled and struck Rukmî with six arrows that broke his bow. After Krishna had fired eight arrows at his four horses, two at his charioteer and three at his flagpole, Rukmi took up another bow and struck Krishna with five arrows. Even though all these arrows struck him, Krishna broke Rukmi's bow again, and when Rukmî picked up yet another one, Acyuta (Krishna) also broke that one.

The spiked bludgeon, the trident, the lance, the shield and sword, the pike, the spear or whatever weapon Rukmi took up, were all broken by Krishna, the Lord. Rukmi then leaped from his chariot and ran, sword in hand and as furious as a bird in the wind, forward with the intent to kill Krishna. With His arrows Krishna broke the sword and shield of His attacker to pieces and next, ready to kill Rukmî, took up His sharp blade."

Image notes: See the image at the bottom from right to left for the battle scene.


When Rukmini realises that Krishna intends to kill her brother, she falls at his feet and pleads with him to forgive her brother. Respecting the wishes of Rukmini, Krishna spares Rukmi's life but not before tying him up and defacing him by shaving off his head.

Image notes: See the image at the bottom from right to left that shows Rukmi with a shaven head.