The temple complex of Beluru

The Chennakeshava temple of Beluru is one of the many examples of an architecturally rich medieval India. This temple in the state of Karnataka was built in the 12the century AD by the then rulers of Karnataka, the Hoysalas. The goal of the exhibit is to honour this sculptural marvel created over one hundred years by the royals and chieftains of the Hoysala dynasty.

There are numerous magnificent images of the temples of India captured by many fabulous photographers. There are innumerable articles written by history enthusiasts on the ancient monuments. However, these invaluable resources are scattered all over the Internet, found only when someone seeks them. Temples of India are the pride of the country and they have to be brought to everyone’s attention. Building a special collection is a step in the right direction toward this endeavour.

Special thanks to Brig Ajai Singh who supported the vision and dream of this exhibit.

This special collection is curated by Vanishree Mahesh.