Bisaldeo Temple: Architectural drawings

By Ar Deepak Gahlowt and his team*

The Bisaldeo Temple has access through a series of steps downwards towards the west from the road. It consists of the garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum) connected with the mahamandapa (hall) through a vestibule or antarala, followed by a mukhamandapa (front porch) in plan. The temple is built out of white sandstone and faces west, in the direction of Banas river. It lacks a pradakshina path or circumambulatory path and is therefore of the nirandhara variety. Each of the lateral transepts of the mahamandapa has a cell with a flat ceiling, which lies vacant at present. Roughly above these transepts are the protrusions providing asanapatta and kakshasana (elevated sitting area), above which are five dwarf pillars.

Site plan of the Bisaldeo Temple
Site section plan of the Bisaldeo Temple
Floor plan of the Bisaldeo Temple